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You've found the professional website/web 1.0 museum for Mark E. Harris, an award-winning freelance journalist originally from the UK but now based in Seattle. Last year, I was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

I write about technology, science, business, the environment and travel for a wide range of editorial outlets, and a few select marketing clients. If you're interested, there are links to lots of work samples below. Feel free to explore, comment and get in touch (links to the right and here's my Facebook page).

Recent stories
• My first stories for Scientific American, on the effect of giant waves on Arctic ice.
• Learn about an internet of trees that could help us cope with climate change.
How a Hacker Shredded Crowdsourcing for Backchannel on Medium.
• Broke a story on how DIY brain zappers may be ineffective, for IEEE Spectrum.
• Here are some fun stories for inspirational tech website How We Get To Next.

I've also been busy writing about autonomous vehicles. Check out the FBI's opinion of them, Google's plans to test self-driving cars in simulation, reporting accidents and peculiar happenings in the world's first self-driving tests in Nevada.

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